Mapping Social Economy in Northeast

  • Authors: Euiyoung Kim, Hiroki Miura
  • Publication Date: July/ 2015
  • Publisher: Zininzin

『Mapping Social Economy in Northeast』 maps out social economy sectors of South Korea, China, and Japan, and comparatively analyzes their institutional nature and process of development. All of three countries already saw institutionalization of various organizations and/or enterprises in the social economy sector. Which one of these organizations or entities will be most relevant to the social economy? How were they developed and what are their institutional characters? Do the three countries show any differences or similarities in terms of the social economy? Is the social economy sector of the three East Asian countries different from that of European countries where the idea of the ‘social economy’ was born for the first time? In order to answer these questions, authors conducted comparative analyses on the three countries, and also compared them with the European region. In mapping out social economy of the three countries, authors focus on diversity, hybridity, and dynamics of social economy.