Abandoned Fairy Li Bai’s Tears

  • Author: Dohyun Lim
  • Publication Date: April / 2015
  • Publisher: SNUPRESS

Li Bai is a master of poetic language. A number of books have admired his magnanimous spirit. 『Abandoned Fairy Li Bai’s Tears』illuminates Li Bai, who is called the poetic genius, from an unconventional perspective and paints his life including its part marked by frustrations. While he was favored once by the Emperor, Li Bai was rarely harmonious with power. Attempting to realize himself through poetry, Li Bai had to oscillate between dream and reality, and also between frustrations and unyielding spirit. Life was harsh on him, but he was not stopped by it. He made a heroic move towards creating immortal legend. Although having lived a life marked by failures, he never gave up. This book illuminates the time of darkness which had filled his life.