Looking at the Rise of East Asia in Shandong

  • Authors: Keunsik Jung,  Hyesun Shin
  • Publication Date: December / 2014
  • Publisher: Zininzin

『Looking at the Rise of East Asia in Shandong』 is comprised of one article that is a geographical introduction to the Shandong region, five articles on Shandong’s history described from various angles, two articles covering Shandong’s economic status, one article summarizing Korean immigrants’ family history, another article on Shandong’s urban development and one article on the Shandong Peninsula’s geopolitical importance centered on the Yellow Sea. It offers a detailed explanation on the theoretical background combined with firsthand experiences introduced by the experts of each field, allowing readers who have chosen Shandong as their first step to studying China to have a better grasp of the subject.