The Korean Corporations that Entered the Malay World

  • Authors: Myung-Seok Oh, Jeseong Jeon, Yoonhee Kang et al.
  • Publication Date: November/ 2014
  • Publisher: Nul Min

『The Korean Corporations that Entered the Malay World』 has been designed to present the crucial factors to overcome the conflicts and difficulties that can be caused by people of different cultural backgrounds. The issues of religion, language, lifestyle, understanding of traditional culture, environmental protection, labor unions, social responsibilities of corporations, harmonious working environment with the local staff, issues of children’s education in a foreign country, and other topics are covered. The book informs the readers that the imperative step for a company’s advancement is to actively apply an anthropological perspective to its business operations, in which it tries to understand the culture and viewpoint of the local people.