The Korean Wave in East Asian Culture

  • Authors: Ikgi Kim, Hyun-Chin Lim
  • Publication Date: June / 2014
  • Publisher: Zininzin

『The Korean Wave in East Asian Culture』 introduces the academic concept of the Korean Wave and its theoretical methodologies. The origins of the Korean Wave and its current status are elaborated upon in the first half of the book, and in the second half, the different ways the Korean Wave unfolds in three East Asian countries are described. Regarding the acceptance of the Korean Wave in the three East Asian countries, in-depth interviews and focus group discussions are presented to help explain the phenomenon. The book further provides local responses and influences of the Korean Wave that is conveyed through various formats, including dramas, movies, music, clothing, food, and other cultural products, as well as the anti-Korean Wave movement brought about as a result of the propagation of the Korean Wave.