A Distorted Mirror of Globalization: Scoping out Korean Alternatives

  • Authors: Hyun-Chin Lim, Suk-Ki Kong
  • Publication Date: February / 2014
  • Publisher: Nanam

After 6.25 Korean War, Korea has achieved significant growth in a short period of time under state-led nationalism, chanting the slogan ‘United we stand, divided we fall.’ However, this success story, so-called ‘’Miracle on the Han River,’ started to fall apart since the 1980s, in the process of globalization. Korea has been introduced to transnational capitalism and the system of ‘unlimited competition,’ led by the United States and the West. Transnational capitalists, who produce and consume infinite capitalistic desires, are the new role model for every young man all around the world. Then, what did this neo-liberalistic globalization leave us with? It is time for us to examine the problems as well as achievement of globalization, and come up with solutions to overcome those problems.