Global NGOs – the ‘Wild Card’ of International Politics

  • Authors: Hyun-Chin Lim, Suk-Ki Kong
  • Publication Date: February / 2011
  • Publisher: Nanam

In today’s fast changing world politics, we need to focus on global NGOs. How much do we know about the global NGOs appearing frequently on the stage of the world politics? Activities like the massive street protest organized by the Green Peace, Amnesty International, ATTAC, etc., does not provide a whole picture of the global NGOs’ activities. Global NGOs keep developing the alternatives inside and outside of the international political institutions on issues like famine, climate change, financial crisis, energy and food crisis, and etc. Sometimes their persuasive alternatives could have a decisive effect on the process of international policy making. Global NGOs are becoming a major actor in world politics. This book focuses on the change of global NGOs’ international status and explains the dynamic organization structures and characteristics in the context of correlation of globalization and NGOs. Authors interviewed activists and collected comprehensive data.