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The Internship Program

Research Internship: Fostering Future Experts through Classes and Fieldwork

The 5th Research Interns (2016. 8. 12)

The research internship program is operated by SNUAC for the purpose of fostering future specialists in Asian Studies. It is designed to provide its participants with education and research-administrative experiences, helping them to grow into outstanding experts of Asia in the future. The interns are undergraduate students interested in research on Asia. In February 2017, the sixth cohort of interns completed the program. The fifth cohort included 6 participants and the sixth, 10.

During the internship period (one academic semester), interns take ten classes introducing them to Asian Studies, conduct their own seminars, and take a field trip. A new task, writing a short paper based on the classes, seminars, and individual interests, has been introduced from the fifth cohort. At the graduation ceremony, interns receive awards—from the grand to participation prizes—based on the decision of the SNUAC committee.