Call for the Fall 2020 Grant for Southeast Asia Study Group

SNUAC Southeast Asia Center supports study groups of graduate students who are trying to write their master’s thesis and doctoral dissertation based on the Southeast Asian region. Applications are much appreciated.

※ The orientation and the final general meeting for study groups will be held online, and individual study group meetings will also be held on/offline depending on the COVID-19 control situation.

[Support Details]

  • Providing a room to hold a seminar and budget for food (can be provided as long as it does not exceed 60% of SNUAC budget and seminar location)
  • Covering for research funds such as expenses for buying books and printing, etc. (If an estimate is submitted, expenses will be paid by the Southeast Asia Center)
  • Connecting with domestic researchers whose work correspond with the topics that the study group is interested
  • 200,000 won of grants are going to be provided to each person of the study group during the operation of the study group

[How to apply]

  • At least three people to maximum five people need to form a ‘small study group’ to study Southeast Asia region (operation period: October 2020 ~ End of January 2021)
  • Please submit 1~2 pages of research proposal (download template below) by email (
  • Proposal submission deadline: September 23, 2020
  • The head of the study group will be contacted if selected


  • Study meetings should be held at least 5 times (including orientation and the final general meeting)
  • Orientation: Each study group gives a presentation on how they are going to run study meetings
  • Final General Meeting: Each study group gives a presentation on the result of their research
  • Please submit the final report by January 31st (within 10 pages in A4)


Telephone: 02-880-2695 (SNU Asia Center Southeast Asia center)