Global Capitalism and Culture in East Asia

  • Author: Wook Hee Shin & Heonik Kwon
  • Publication Date: July / 2019
  • Publisher: SNUPRESS

Cold war was global, but it was a system that consisted of various forms and practices depending on regions. Therefore, breaking from the holistic abstraction about cold war, we need to pay attention to the different historical realities found in individual regions. Since regions are emerging once again as the main agendas of international politics, it has important academic and practical significance to review the regional characteristics of Northeast Asia, still retaining the vestige of cold war, in comparison with other regions. While the global system has evolved from bipolarity to multipolarity, and then from unipolarity to a new bipolarity, the situation in Korean Peninsula still retain the characteristics of the cold war system after the Korean War. The recent discussion about the peace system in Korean Peninsula and the cooperative regional system of Northeast Asia should begin with the understanding of the regional characteristics.