[Announcement] Application for the 12th Research Apprenticeship Program in SNU Asia Center

“Your future begins here: Receiving applicants for Research Apprenticeship Program in SNU Asia Center”

Receiving applicants for the 12th Research Apprenticeship Program in SNU Asia Center 



SNU Asia Center has provided Research Apprenticeship Program to foster future professionals on Asia.

This program aims to equip the participants of the program with capabilities to become talented experts in academic field and society related with research on Asia by providing different types of education and training. More specific goals of this program are raising research capabilities of the participates by having them to take part in research projects in SNU Asia center, equipping the participants with practical skills by letting them assist administrative tasks, and building social network by strengthening the links between the faculty of SNU Asia center and the apprentices. The curriculum of Research Apprenticeship Program is as follows:



 1. Education about Research on Asia

– Informing performance of SNU Asia with a focus on researches through a small size seminar.

– Seminar Topics: Diverse Asia (Challenges of China from inside and outside, The future of the Korean peninsula, The past, present, and future of Central Asia, Muslims in Southeast Asia), Topics on Asia (Environmental cooperation in Asia, Asia’s Capitalism: Current situation of research and tasks, East Asian Cities, Asia through flows and relationship, Families in East Asia, Asia and Future Earth, Refugees and Asia, etc.)


2. Education on Practices of Research and basic knowledge on administrative tasks– Offering opportunities to experience practical affairs and implement researches by designating Research Programs undertaken in SNU Asia Center or Centers of regional researches. (Northeast Asia Center, Southeast Asia Center, Central Asia Center, Western Asia Center, South Asia Center, Center for Asian Urban Societies, Korean Social Science Data Archive, Civil Society and NGOs Program, Quality of Life Program, Future Earth Program, Editing Team of Diversity+Asia, Marketing/Academic Reporters, Asia Review Journal, etc.)


3. Managing a program to build network among apprentices

-A small group seminar (Twice a month), In-site survey (Once a month)


4. Program to improve academic Skills:

– Writing a short dissertation, mentoring and granting an excellent dissertation award

Dates: September 2019 – February 2020 (6 months)

The number of selected apprentices: about 10 people



  1. Granting 200,000 won for activities every month
  2. Selecting and rewarding apprentices for their excellent work



  1. Domestic and international undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in researches on Asia (Undergraduate students need to complete at least four semesters)
  2. Holders of any citizenship with any major are eligible
  3. Those who can work more than 20 hours per week (Those who can work fulltime on Friday every week)


Required Documents

  1. A copy of curriculum vitae, a copy of self-introduction (refer to the attached format) [12th application for apprenticeship] –>Download a file

– The name of the file should be in this format, ‘[The 12th application for apprenticeship]_Name’ Example) ‘[The 12th application for apprenticeship]_Emma Janzen’

  1. Documents that can demonstrate other capabilities(a copy can be submitted)



  1. Dates : July 26th, Friday, 2019 – August 9th, Friday, 2019 at 23:59
  2. Reception Desk : SNU Asia Center (Application by email: 2017asiaproject@gmail.com)
  3. Inquiry

– 2017asiaproject@gmail.com

– 010-3394-9118, 02-880-2081(Extension)


 Phases of Application

  1. First Phase: the result of application will be announced (expected to be complete by second half of August)
  2. Second Phase: Interview (Expected to be held in second half of August)

– Those who got an interview will be individually noticed

  1. Announcement of final acceptance: expected in the end of August