Oppositional Coexistence: The Asiatic Reproduction of Global Accountability

  • Author: Taekyoon Kim
  • Publication Date: December / 2018
  • Publisher: SNUPRESS

This book examines accountability mechanisms for the planning and implementation of development projects set by international organizations which have not yet been thoroughly explored in the Korean scholarly communities. Civil society’s challenges for the lack of accountability of multilateral development banks and its countermeasures to restore the accountability of multilateral development banks from an International Political Sociology perspective, as well as the institutionalization process of the relational accountability that has developed between the two oppositional partners, are investigated in this monography. The book demonstrates a distinctive relationship between civil society organizations that are active in the Asian region and Asia Development Bank by focusing on accountability problems based on the scrutinization of the unique position and peculiarity of the Asian Development Bank. Ultimately, the book seeks to explore the transformation and reproduction of the concept and system of global accountability in Asia with the particular reference to the ‘oppositional co-existence’ between Asian civil society and Asian Development Bank.