Capitalism and Capitalisms in Asia: Origin, Commonality, and Diversity

  • Authors: Hyun-Chin Lim, Jan Nederveen Pieterse, Suk-Man Hwang
  • Publication Date: August / 2018
  • Publisher: SNUPRESS

This volume encompasses a range of different cases in diverse countries and embraces two dominant ideas: Asian capitalism has developed on a different path from Western capitalism in terms of its forms and mechanisms, and it will continue to have distinctive characteristics in the future even though it shares commonalities with Western capitalism. Another premise is that Asian capitalism is very difficult to frame in one theory or model despite the fact that the capitalisms of Asian countries influence each other considerably. Sharing this conception of capitalism in this region, this volume intends to understand and explain how each country in Asia have developed within its specific historical, political, and social conditions. In addition, it focuses on how the Asian countries that have achieved a certain level of capitalistic development are reacting to and changing in the process of globalization.
A deeper analysis of the capitalist systems in Asia is urgent considering the continent’s fast growing economic and political importance in the global political economy. Heeding this need, the Seoul National University Asia Center is working on a ten book series on Asian capitalism that includes studies conducted by distinguished scholars from Asia and other part of the world over the next five years. Capitalism and Capitalisms in Asia: Origin, Commonality, and Diversity is the first book of the series. This book provides scholars, policy makers, and others opportunities to look into the latest issues related to the various aspects of Asian capitalism.