The Launch of the New SNUAC Webzine, DiverseAsia


The Seoul National University Asia Center (SNUAC)’s new quarterly online magazine, DiverseAsia, was launched June 2018. The webzine aspires to serve as the online platform for researchers and scholars working on all areas of Asian studies. DiverseAsia aims to make an effort for public outreach through its readable yet rich and insightful contents by experts in the field of Asian studies, which will be published through a subsidiary webpage of the SNUAC webpage ( Submissions in Korean and English are welcome. DiverseAsia’s objective is to recognize the extant diversities in Asia through its contents, under the theme of inter-Asian connections, cooperation, and integration. By launching DiverseAsia, we expect to create an open forum whereby all issues on Asia are shared and discussed online. DiverseAsia calls for submissions by authors on current issues occurring in Asia. The journal welcomes solicited and unsolicited articles that provide insights on current affairs from diverse angles and from interdisciplinary approaches, making anew the perceptions of Asia from political, economic, historical, socio-cultural, and religious perspectives.

  • Editorial Board (For inquiries on submissions, please contact acquisition editors by region.)
    Northeast Asia: Dr. June Park (
    Southeast Asia: Dr. Kyunghee Choi (
    Central Asia: Dr. Hyo-seop Kim (
    West Asia: Dr. Gi Yeon Koo (
    South Asia: Dr. Shinjou Kim (
    East Asian Cities: Dr. Yil-soon Paek (


Please click the link for the DiverAsia webzine website==> DiverseAsia