Asia Review Vol.5 | No.1 | 2015

Food in Asian Culture: Origin and Acculturation

My Experiences in Studying Chinese Food Science: Basic Theories and Diverse Realities | Rongguang Zhao

Acculturation in the Formation of Western-Japanese Fusion Cuisine in Modern Japan | Seejae Lee

Imperialism and Colonialism in the Food Industry in East Asia: Kikkoman Style Soy Sauce, Ajinomoto and Instant Ramen | Youngha Joo

The Meaning and Symbolism of Korean Food Culture | Hae Kyung Chung

The Making of Taiwanese Cuisine since 1980s: The Rise of Minnan and Hakka Ethnic Food | Hsin-Huang Michael, May Yu-Hsin Chang, and Mei-Hui Chen

Sour, Spicy and Raw: A Historical Review of Dai Food Transformation in Yunnan | Jiansheng (Jason) Huang

Food and Gender in Pacific-Asia: A Case Study on Earthen Ovens | Toshimitsu Kawai


Cold War: Europe and East Asia

Cold War and Soviet Army Monuments in China and North Korea | Keunsik Jung

The Cold War and the Social and Economic History of the Twentieth Century | Wilfried Loth

Communism as an “Asian” Threat in the Cold War Anti Communism of the Early Federal Republic of Germany | Axel Schildt

The Civil Wars of Partitioned States: Cold War Histories of Decolonization and Conflict | Steven Hugh Lee


Book Review

A Bold Approach to the Security Copperation between Korea and Japan? Brad Glosserman and Scott A. Snyder. 2015. The Japan-South Korea
Identity Clash: East Asian Security and the United States | Chang Jae Biak