A Quest for East Asian Sociologies

  • Authors: Seungkuk Kim, Peilin Li, Shujiro Yazawa
  • Publication Date: October / 2014
  • Publisher: SNUPRESS

『A Quest for East Asian Sociologies』 explores issues of global concern such as globalization, inequality, multiculturalism, social movement, and risk society, and analyzes them from the perspective of East Asia. It aims to establish the complementary cooperation of diverse East Asian studies. The ideologies used in the book include liberalism, Marxism and anarchism. It also introduces developmental state theory and cosmopolitanism, and brings up the issue of human and social capital expansion, along with criticism on capitalism and civic movement. East Asia is on the path of synchronically conjoining its past, present, and future. Thus, East Asia bears the potential to overcome its yet unstable realism and pessimistic historicism.