SNUAC International Conference

Comparing Social movements in East Asia

Date:???? 8 November, 2013
Venue: International Conference Hall (Rm. 303), Seoul National University Asia Center (SNUAC)
Organized by Civil Society & NGOs Program of Seoul National University Asia Center

Session 1

10:00 ~ 12:00

Chinese Issus

Cultural Capital and Anti-dam Movement in China

Yan ZHOU & Kinman CHAN (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Radical Movement and Joyful Resistance in Hong Kong

Vitrierat NG & Kinman CHAN (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Labor Collective Protests in China: Case Study in Shenzhen

Hung WONG & Xiao BAI (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Structure of Contentious Politics for Land : Wukan As a Case

Runan ZHOU (Sun Yat-Sen University)

Lunch 12:00 ~ 13:00???????????????????????????? Faculty Lounge, SNUAC

Session 2

13:00 ~ 15:30

Japanese Issues

Why Do They Protest?:

A Meaning Approach to 1954 and 2012 Anti-Nuclear Campaigns

Dai Nomiya (Sophia University)

Transformation of Environmental NGOs in Japan

Taisuke Fujita (?Nagasaki University)

New Generation’s Labor Movements in Japan:

?Multi-issue, Various and Non-Regular Employees

Tominaga Kyoko (Tokyo University)

Meaning and Frame Resonance in the Linkage of Social Movement Groups: Comparing Three Mile Island and Fukushima

Risa Murase (Sophia University)

Coffee Break ?15:00 ~ 15:30

Session 3

15:30 ~ 17:30

Korean Issues

Mapping Korea Civil Society Today

Hyun-Chin Lim & Suk-Ki Kong (Seoul National University)

Korea Environmental Movements Revisited

Suk-Ki Kong (Seoul National University)

Peace Island Policy and Peace Movement in Jeju Island

Jeong Young Sin (Jeju University)

International Cooperation and Korean Civil Society in East Asia

Tae-Kyun Kim (Seoul National University)


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