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The keywords for the development vision of KOSSDA are “internal reinforcement” and “internationalization.” For over ten years, KOSSDA had focused on quantitative growth. However, with the change of affiliation to SNUAC, it has changed its priorities to qualitative development. The Archive strives to collect data of highest quality and practical value and is making strides to promote the application and dissemination of data by improving its services, making access to collected data more user-friendly. Through these internal reinforcement efforts, KOSSDA strives to become a data archive on par with the data archives of advanced countries such as ICPSR of the US, ESDS of the UK, and GESIS of Germany.

NASSDA(Network of Asian Social Science Data Archives)

KOSSDA has been actively involved in the discussion of founding NASSDA (Network of Asian Social Science Archives) with leading data archives in the region since the idea of forming a consortium was first proposed in the East Asian Data Archive Workshop that was held in Seoul in January 2016. SSJDA(Social Science Japan Data Archive) of Tokyo University, CNSDA(Chinese National Survey Data Archive) of Renmin University of China, and SRDA(Survey Research Data Archive) of Academia Sinica, Taiwan, agreed upon participating in NASSDA.

KOSSDA plans to contribute to the development of NASSDA by organizing annual meeting, exchange of data and researchers, and collaborative research and Paper award.

Social Well-being Research Consortium

International research based on comparable survey data in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia. The research network was proposed by Senshu University of Japan.

KOSSDA will organize the 4th international conference of SWB at Seoul National University, in June 28-30, 2018.

KOSSDA is leading the international data harmonization project combining SWB data, and plan to provide archived data to all outside researchers.