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For the enhancement of archiving services, KOSSDA conducts research on data processing and dissemination, thesaurus, and database system. KOSSDA’s current undertakings also include the social science database construction for the Korea Research Foundation and research for the publication of 「Korean Social Trends」 for the Korea National Statistics Office. These two projects are greatly contributing to KOSSDA’s data acquisition and database construction.

Annual Reports: Korean Social Trends

Since 2008, KOSSDA has annually published Korean Social Trends with the financial support of Statistics Korea, reporting the change of the Quality of Life.

Annually more than 200 newspaper articles report the result of Korean Social Trends.

Korean Research Memory Project: Construction of a database of Korean social science data

Beginning in April 2016 and continuing until March 2018, KOSSDA has been developing a social science database of the National Research Foundation (NRF). The purpose of this project is to collect research outputs and related materials derived from the researches funded by the NRF and construct academically and educationally reusable database that can be provided to end users through the online information system called Korea Research Memory (KRM) of NRF.

Key National Indicators

KOSSDA has developed Key National Indicators for the Korean Government (Statistics Korea) in 2014, and revised the contents and framework in 2015 and 2016.