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KOSSDA provides methodology training programs such as methodology workshops and advanced statistics short courses for the dissemination of social science materials, and provides various educational services such as Data Fair and research paper competition.

KOSSDA Educational Program

To promote and support the effective use of Korean social science data, a series of lectures on quantitative and qualitative data analysis methods are offered during the winter months of January-February and in the summer months of July-August. Unlike statistical methods classes provided at universities, the workshops focus on hands-on training using selected KOSSDA datasets to encourage practical application skills of data analysis.

KOSSDA Data Fair

KOSSDA is organizing an event that introduces researchers to data that is widely used in social sciences.

1st Fair (2016.9): “Utilizing Korean General Social Survey” (100 participants)
2nd Fair (2017.2): “Understanding Panel Data” (300 participants)
3rd Fair (2017.9): “Life-cycle and Panel data” (160 participants)
4th Fair (2018.2.2): “Time-use Surveys in Korea” (200 participants)

Research paper competition

The research paper competition aims at fostering the empirical research competence of graduate and undergraduate students and encouraging usage of KOSSDA data holdings. The KOSSDA thesis contest will be divided into thesis and dissertation sections, each of which is awarded with a certificate of merit and prize money.