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Background of the transfer of KOSSDA to Asia Center, SNU

Seven years after the successful transition of Korea Social Science Library into Korea Social Science Data Archive, the founder and leader, Prof. Hyunho SEOK retired in 2015. So the President of the KOSSDA foundation signed an agreement with SNU president to transfer to SNU, in order to maximize the synergy effect through the combination of education and research and to become an international data archive.

KOSSDA directly employ nine staffs for archiving and education, and it is run by steering committee composed of six SNU professors.

As one of the subunit of Asia Center, KOSSDA have close relationship with 5 regional centers and 6 thematic research groups and 2 research clusters as well as faculty of SNU.

KOSSDA Foundation has donated 2 billion won (or 2 million dollar) to Asia Center, SNU for the continuous employment of archiving staff.