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KOSSDA collects research data such as survey data, statistical data, interview and oral data, recorded documents, and observational records that are generated by research institutes and individual researchers, and constructs them as digital DBs. In addition, we hold a variety of academic events such as data fair, research paper competition, workshops on using archives, and lectures on research methodology such as social science methodology workshops and advanced statistics short courses to disseminate collection materials. In addition, KOSSDA conducts research projects related to DB construction and index development, and participates in international research and research projects. KOSSDA has a vision to develop into an Asian research data hub by making full use of NASSDA (Network of Asian Social Science Data Archives), an Asian data archive consortium.

To develop into an Asian research data hub based on the research capacity and networks of SNUAC, KOSSDA will take pain-staking efforts in facilitating the sharing and dissemination of Asia-related data through the development of a research data sharing network in cooperation with the Asia Regional Information Dissemination Center.