KOSSDA is Korea’s representative data archive,
leading in the collection and dissemination of social
science data.

KOSSDA holds in its collection a vast range of
Korean quantitative and qualitative data and
literatures across diverse social science disciplines
encompassing political, economic, social, and cultural
areas. The quantitative data collection includes
survey data and aggregated statistical data, and the
qualitative data collection includes documents, field notes,
and interview and narrative history data.

KOSSDA provides methodology training programs
such as methodology workshops and advanced statistics
short courses for the dissemination of social science
materials, and provides various educational services such
as data fair and research paper contest.

KOSSDA conducts research on data processing
and dissemination, thesaurus, and database system.
KOSSDA’s current undertakings also include the social
science database construction for the Korea Research
Foundation and research for the publication of
Korean Social Trends for the Korea National Statistics Office.
These two projects are greatly contributing to KOSSDA’s
data acquisition and database construction.

KOSSDA has the vision of developing into
an Asia related research data hub through active
participation in research consortium of
international comparative survey and the Network
of Asian Social Science Data Archives.

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Korea Social Science Data Archive

KOSSDA collects research data such as survey data, statistical data, interview and oral data, recorded documents, and observational records that are generated by research institutes and individual researchers, and constructs them as digital DBs. In addition, we hold a variety of academic events such as data fair, dissertation contest, archiving method workshop, and social science methodology training programs such as social science methodology workshops and advanced statistics short courses to disseminate collection materials. In addition, KOSSDA conducts research projects related to DB construction and index development, and participates in international research and research projects. KOSSDA has a vision to develop into an Asian research data hub by making full use of NASSDA (Network of Asian Social Science Data Archives), an Asian data archive consortium.