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Program on US-China Relations

#US-China Relations  #China’s Rise  #Power Transition  #Hegemonic Competition  #East Asian Security

The Program on US-China Relations (PUCR) undertakes research on China’s Rise, US-China relations, and their implications. PUCR has focused its research on the prospect of a “peaceful” power transition, evolving perceptions, and dilemmas caused by US-China competition. PUCR has also been running monthly seminars and annual dialogues with Japanese and American scholars. PUCR published three monographs on US-China relations.

Main Projects and Research Topics

  • US-China Relations under Trump / East Asia’s Responses to China’s Rise / Strategic Dilemmas and Korea
  • Monthly Seminars and Workshops: As a signature program of PUCR, Monthly Seminars invite Korean and Foreign experts to provide insights on US-China Relations and related issues
  • Research Projects on US-China Relations: Carrying out research projects funded by the Korea Research Foundation and related Ministries on US-China relations and East Asia’s responses
  • Annual Policy Dialogues: Holding annual “Korea-Japan Dialogue on East Asian Security” (8th in 2020) and newly establishing the Korea-America Dialogue on China in 2020


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Jae Ho Chung | Director | | Political Science and International Relations | US-China relations, East Asian security

Hun Joon Kim | Co-Researcher | | Political Science and International Relations | International relations, Human rights

Min-gyu Lee | Co-Researcher | | International Relations | China’s foreign policy, Korean peninsular affairs, Korea-China relations