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International Development Cooperation Research Center


The International Development Cooperation Research Center (IDCRC) was established to explore and develop research topics related to international development cooperation and ODA based on SNUAC’s expertise in the region. IDCRC seeks to open a new horizon of development cooperation research by disseminating research outcomes through a network of renowned institutes at home and abroad. Currently IDCRC contributes to research and the ODA project after the affiliation of Korea Association of International Development and Cooperation (KAIDEC) with SNUAC and especially serves to nurture next-generation academics through the ODA Young Professional (YP) project sponsored by the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA).

Main Projects and Research Topics

  • Research on SGDs and strategies for implementation in the Korean peninsula
  • Social economy research for international development cooperation: Researching social economy model as an alternative for sustainable growth in developing countries
  • Comparative study of the development cooperation strategies in South Korea, China and Japan: Comparing the development cooperation status and strategies of major Asian donor countries and proposing South Korea’s direction of ODA in Asia
  • Research on development cooperation VET: Examining overseas TVET provision projects based on labor markets and formulating a future-oriented project fit for the Korean situation
  • Database construction: Collecting and categorizing data related to developmental cooperation and building a database



Huck-ju Kwon | Director | | Public Administration | Policy studies, International development cooperation policy

Sung Gyu Kim | Research Fellow | | Industrial Sociology | International development cooperation, ODA

Jiyeoun Song | Co-Researcher | | Political Science | Comparative political economy, Social welfare policy, East Asia