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Korea Social Science Data Archive (KOSSDA)

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KOSSDA is a data archive established in 2006 with the aim of laying the foundation for empirical research in social sciences in Korea. Specifically, KOSSDA collects data from research resources produced by individuals and institutes, archives the data into a systematic database and provides them to be reused in research. Since being transferred to SNU in 2015, KOSSDA has actively conducted data archiving research and advanced the platform in order to provide FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) data from users’ perspective. Further, KOSSDA organizes educational programs, events and data-based research projects to promote data sharing and use.

Main Projects and Research Topics

  • Collecting and archiving social science data: Collecting and archiving quantitative/qualitative data; data curation
  • Education for data sharing and promoting data use: Methodology education programs; data fair; thesis contests; special lectures on using archives
  • Arching-related research: Foundation of a social science database on KRM; study on the estimation of social value of KOSSDA and the application to CoreTrustSeal certification; harmonization and documentation of international survey data on social well-being in seven Asian countries
  • Data-based research: Report on Korean social trends; international survey on social well-being in seven Asian countries
  • International cooperation network: Network of Asian Social Sciences Data Archives (NASSDA); participated in a cooperative network for “social well-being survey” in seven Asian countries


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Jaeyeol Yee | Director | | Sociology | Organizations, Social networks, Sociology of disasters

Hearan Koo | Research Fellow | | Sociology | Social well-being, Mental health, Comparative methods, Data sharing

Moonhee Choi | Research Fellow | | Sociology of Medicine | Qualitative research methods, Feminism, Family

Sang-Wun Lee | Manager | | Sociology | Data curation 

Areum Han | Researcher | | Economics | Data-related publications, Text mining, ODA

Hyejin Kim | Researcher | | Anthropology | Qualitative methodology, (Research) Data management & archiving, Historical anthropology

Hye-ok Heo | Researcher | | Sociology | Survey data archiving, Data harmonization

Jiyoung Ko | Researcher | | Social Welfare | Research methodology, Working poor, Gerontological social welfare

Mihee Ban | Researcher | | Sociology | Survey methodology, Online community