1) History

ARIC constructs the dataset based on the press releases of KCDC.

2) Variables

(1) Sheet 1 : Cases in Korea

  • CONFIRM : Cumulative confirmed cases
  • RELEASE : Cumulative number of people released from quarantine
  • QUARANT : Number of people quarantined
  • DEATH : Cumulative number of people deceased
  • TOTAL_TEST : Total tests as the sum of tests in progress, positive and negative tests
  • UNDER_TEST : Number of tests in progress
  • NEGATIVE : Cumulative number of people with negative test results

(2) Sheet 2 : Cases in Korea by Province

(3) Sheet 3 : Cases by gender & age group

3) Notable changes

As of March 2, the Korean government released official statistics as of 12 PM each day.

Korean data includes nursing home cases as well as foreigners detected at the airport.

Source : Korea Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
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