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Center for Asia and Global Economic Order

The Center for Asia and Global Economic Order (CAGEO) investigates the reorganization of the international economic order in connection to the rise of developing nations in Asia. CAGEO strives to become a representative research center by conducting interdisciplinary research integrating economics and jurisprudence, and stimulating academic exchanges and policy studies.

Research Topics

In 2017, CAGEO focused on the transformation of the international economic order caused by the rise of developing countries in Asia and examined the risks that occur in the process. The center has been simultaneously conducting theoretical, empirical, and normative research on the conflict of interests and their mediation in regard to protective trade and intellectual property rights, and building a database of research outcomes.

Major Research Outcomes

In 2017, CAGEO continued building a database for creative activities and developing indices via academic and policy research regarding the center’s core research topic, “Asian Innovation and the World Economic Order.” Moreover, from the technological progress perspective, the center collected over five million patents since 1976 from the United States Patents and Trademark Office and analyzed the patent citation index.

In addition, CAGEO continued its research on the rapidly expanding commercial system in the Asian region. Specifically, issues that have been evoked by strong restriction measures against home appliances manufactured in Korea by the U.S. and their effects on trade in Asian countries were examined. Through investigating the case of Korean semiconductor industry, the effects of a series of trade measures exercised by corporations, from WTO trade disputes to investment in the Chinese market, regarding
countervailing measures by the U.S. were investigated. Also, the effects of judicial precedents of WTO trade disputes on trade and differences in safeguard measures between developed and developing countries were explored.

As part of policy research, CAGEO examined Korea and other Asian nations’ countermeasures of TBT. Moreover, the specific cases of the rapidly increasing non-tariff barriers in China and ASEAN nations were analyzed to increase the applicability of research in policy. The center also published books, hosted dissertation awards, and organized regular graduate courses and special lectures to cultivate experts and to expand the basis for research.The dissertation award and advanced courses for TBT have been especially acknowledged to have contributed to cultivating next-generation scholars in the field of technology and standards.

Future Plans

From 2018 to 2019, CAGEO plans to examine the fundamental reasons for the spread of the new protectionism among advanced nations. Positive and normative analyses on the co-existing transformational directions of Asia and global economic order will also be conducted. Scholars will be invited for CAGEO’s Brown Bag Seminars to stimulate academic exchanges between researchers. Lastly, an international conference, tentatively named “New Protectionism and World Trade Regime : Effects on the Asia” or “Asian Innovation and World Economic Order,” will be organized in 2018.


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Jeehyong Park (Dept. of Economics)
Dukgeun Ahn (Grad. School of Int’l Studies)

Jihong Lee (Dept. of Economics)
Myunghwan Seo (Dept. of Economics)
Jaemin Lee (School of Law)

Research Assistants:
Jongjoo Kim (Dept. of Economics)
Changhyun Kwak (Dept. of Economics)
Ryungha Oh (Dept. of Economics)
Hyuksoo Kwon (Dept. of Economics)
Sangmin Lee (Dept. of Economics)

Visiting Research Fellow:
Jaeyeon Noh (Sookmyung Women’s Univ.)
Minjung Kim (KDI)