[Announcement] Application for Fellowships Program for Visiting Scholars in Seoul National University Asia Center in Fall Semester

  1. Purpose

SNU Asia Center offers Fellowships Program for Visiting Scholars to support different researches on Asia by providing the researchers who focus on Asia with a space for research and funding, and to promote the interaction with the researchers in SNU Asia Center.


  1. The period of Fellowships and the number of selected applicants
  • Period: 6 months (February 2019 – February 2020); The program can be extended by 6 months depending on the result of research.
  • The number of selected applicants: 0


  1. Qualifications
  • Domestic and international researchers who study Asia or the topics related with Asia
  • Holders of a doctoral degree or the experts whose experiences amount to having a Ph.D.
  • Researchers who can do their research in SNU Asia Center during their Fellowships Program


  1. Information about Benefits
  • Research Fund: 3,600,000 won (6 months); It will be given after reviewing whether the requirements of fellowships were met.
  • A space for research
  • Access to libraries and research facilities in Seoul National University


  1. Requirements for the Selected Visiting Fellows
  • Presenting their interim research report at the <Asia Square Brown Bag Seminar> within 3 months of their Fellowship Program
  • Submitting final research report 2 weeks before the program ends
  • Submitting an article to Asian Region Review, <Diversity+Asia> during the period of fellowship.
  • Addressing SNU Asia Center when publishing academic articles or a book based on the research during the period of fellowship program.
  • The visiting fellows are expected to actively participate at the academic events (academic seminars, Networking events, etc.) and to network and cooperate with the researchers in SNU Asia Center.


  1. Required Documents for Application
  • A copy of Curriculum Vitae and a copy of research plan
  • The C.V. can be in any format, but dates need to be written in the format of YYYY/MM.
  • The research plan should be written within about two pages on A4 size paper.


  1. Application
  • Deadline: May 31th, Friday 2019 17:00.
  • Online Application: Applications are received from the online application page of SNU AC Center Visiting Scholars Fellowship Program.


  1. Notes
  • Information about the selected recipients will be released on the AC center homepage
  • The recipients of fellowship might not be selected when there are no qualifying applicants.
  • The documents that were already submitted will not be returned.
  • Please contact SNU Asia Center for other details (02-880-2096; snuac_exch@snu.ac.kr).


April 15th, 2019

Director of Seoul National University Asia Center