Northeast Asia Center


Regional Research

Director: LEE Jeong-Hoon (Department of Chinese Language and Literature)

Research Fellow: Co-researcher: Eun Young NAM (SNUAC)


Research Topics

Northeast Asia Center focuses on overall consequences caused by rapid changes in state of affairs inside Northeast Asia, which can be summed up as “The rise of China,” and “pivot to Asia,” within relevant societies as well as in the relationship between them. The principal aim of its research and activities is to explore these changes in terms of “connection and linkage.” In the medium to long term, the Center intends to propose a new model of Area Studies, Asian Studies in particular. Toward this purpose, the Center attempts to improve the understanding about ways in which researchers in each Asian country explain their own experiences from inner standpoint. In studying Korean peninsula and society, the Center wants to establish a research agenda from the perspective of “how to think about Asia” beyond the category of Korean society. In this context, the Center orients toward the regionalization of Korean Humanities and Social Science, not from the established viewpoint of Area Studies, but in terms of “how to recognize Korea within Asian context.”


Colloquium China Series

The Center aims to systematically collect data on how researchers and experts in the field of Chinese policies understand recent changes in contemporary China. For this, the Center plans lecture series related to current issues about China, providing opportunities of colloquium for journalists, businessmen, policy makers as well as researchers.


Research about Youke

The Center attempts to bring light on the reality of socio-cultural effect as well as economic ripple effect in the neighboring countries that have been occurred by China’s economic rise, with a focus on Youkes (遊客) (i.e., tourist in Chinese) whose number per annum has exceeded one hundred million. Not only does the Center take note of Youke phenomena that appear isomorphic in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Thailand, but examine also local perspectives, tourists’ gaze, and their influence.


Research on Current Issues of Korean Peninsula in Global Context

Represented by nuclear crisis, the situation of North Korea is an intensive expression of the regional conflict surrounding the power transition between China and the United States, and is at the same time acting as a significant parameter. By conducting a joint research entitled “De-demonizing North Korea” with North European institutions that are relatively free from innate conflicts and confrontations in Northeast Asia, the Center intends to examine the image of North Korea in diverse aspects that seems one-dimensionally fixed as irrational rogue state. So, it seeks to re-balance the understanding of North Korea.