Supporting Student Clubs
As part of its effort to nurture next-generation scholars in Asian Studies, SNUAC supports two student clubs which engage in activities related to Asia and Asian culture

“Amigo,” a student club interested in the future of Asia
Amigo in Korean language is an abbreviation for “a gathering of those who care about the future of Asia.” Amigo is a reading group where members collectively select Asian-related books to read and discuss them on a regular basis. In addition to the weekly reading seminar, they also organize a book talk in which they invite authors of Asian-related
books as a speaker.

In spring 2015 Amigo focused on the international relations of Russia, and they conducted research on the relationship between Russia and China. Also, they read The Excuse for Putin and organized a seminar on the popularity of Putin, oil politics in Russia, and its foreign policy. In Fall, based on individual interests of members, they organized seminars on
such topics as the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, education systems and issues in India, and Hegemonic conflicts between the US and China. In addition, members studied and presented on communal apartments of the Soviet Union, stock markets in China, and the Burakumin in Japan.
“FICS,” a student club exploring new possibilities for Korea-Japan relations
FICS (Foundation of Intercultural Cooperation by Students) is an international student club formed by students of Seoul National University and the Univ. of Tokyo. FICS aims to enhance mutual understanding between Japan and Korea, and promote their cooperative and harmonious relations. With its mission of “Sharing ideas and reaching new
realization,” FICS was launched after an undergraduate discussion forum in March 2012. Members of FICS in SNU select a specific topic on social issues and discuss them with members in Tokyo through online conferencing. They also continue to organize a discussion forum in English in subject areas such as economics, politics, and history.