The key parts of the SNUAC (research& development, academic works, international exchange and human resources development) are all closely linked to cooperation projects with institutes overseas.


First, Inviting Distinguished Scholars, Senior Scholars and Regional Scholars, SNUAC supports great scholars to conduct research in the institute. Furthermore, SNUAC operates professor exchange training program with world’s distinguished universities having MOU with Seoul National University.


Second, SNUAC develops scholarships program for human resource developments in developing countries in Asia. It is to provide Asia Research Grant and Travel Grant for Asian Research. In addition, increasing worldwide appeal in Asian studies and supporting rising researchers, it is expected to be grown as the expert in Asian studies in the long run.


Third, from the second stage (2013.9~2016.8), SNUAC has researched with both domestic and international research institutes through Asian Research Institute Exchange Program. There are foreign Asian study research institutes we have connected with; Harvard Asia Center, Asia-Pacific Research Institute , Asia-Pacific Research Center (Stanford), McMillan Center (Yale), Asia Research Institute, Woodrow Wilson Center: Asia Program (Princeton), Weatherhead East Asia Institute (Columbia), Asia Research Center (London School of Economics and Political Science), Chulalongkorn Asia Research Center, Institute of Social Sciences, Tokyo Univ., Oxford Faculty of Oriental Studies. On the other hand, we have researched with domestic institutes such as Asiatic Research Institute of Korea University, Institute for Far Eastern Studies of Kyungnam University, East Asia Institute and Institute of East & West Studies of Yonsei University. SNUAC pursues collaborative research activities with all those research institutions.


Forth, from the second stage (2013.9~2016.8), SNUAC offers Asian Future Leader Internship for university students to work for the Asia-related international organizations, NGOs and global companies.


Fifth, SNUAC operates Focus on South Research Fellowship from the second stage (2013.9~2016.8). This program is conducted for paying attention to advanced research and knowledge of developed countries and also focusing on academic development in developing countries in Asia, human resource developments and intellectual exchange. It provides short term training program in SNUAC for outstanding students of Southeast Asia, South Asia and Central Asia. In addition, visiting scholar fellowship is provided to outstanding scholars.