Through various support initiatives, SNUAC continues to sponsor outstanding Asia-related basic studies. By supporting scholars who conduct Asia related research, the initiative aims to build a solid foundation for the production of Asia-related basic studies. Its expected results are the basic steps for knowledge production that is independent from the previously Western-oriented methodology and system.

List of SNUAC Research Grant for Asian Studies (2014)

SNUAC Research Grant

· Joonkoo Lee (Business School, Hanyang Univ.) et al., | Mobile Asia: Evolving Mobile Telecom Value Chains and Emerging New Regionality

· Jeehyeong Park (Dept. of Economics, SNU) et al., | Changing Global Economic Order for Asia’s Innovation and Creation

· Jungyoon Lee (Division of Int’l Commerce, Pukyong Nat’l Univ.) et al., | Rise of Transnational Production Networks and Changes in Logistical Flows in East Asia

· Baegeui Hong (Dept. of Social Welfare, SNU) et al., | Asian Family- Embrace of Asian Family Revolution?

· Keunsik Jung (Dept. of Sociology, SNU) et al., | “Asian History with Asian perspectives” Series * Contents below

· Baegyoon Park (Dept. of Geography Education, SNU) et al., | Transnational Movements and Flows in East Asia

· Minhwan Kim (SNUAC) et al., | Research on the Cross-Border Networks in East Asia

· Hyun-Chin Lim (SNU Emeritus professor) et al., | Asian Capitalisms

· Leesee Jae (The Catholic Univ. of Korea) et al., | Food in Asian Cultures

· Jaeyeol Yee (Dept. of Sociology, SNU) et al., | 70th Anniversary of Independence and Social Survey of Korean Citizens’ Cognition

· Jeongwon Kang (Dept. of Anthropology, SNU) et al., | Modernization and Social Change of East Asia – Focusing on the Space, Social Welfare and Religion Folklore of Korea

· Kyusup Han (Dept. of Communication, SNU) et al., | Political Trust of New Asian Democratic Nations

· Jongchul Kim (SNUAC) et al., | An International Comparative Study on Asian Business Culture


SNUAC Series in Asian Studies

· Geonsoo Han (Dept. of Cultural Anthropology, Kangwon Nat’l Univ.) et al., | Refugees in East Asia: Inclusion and Exclusion

· Haeran Lim (Dept. of Political Science and Int’l Relations, SNU) | Changes in Global Political Economy in 21th Century and Revisiting the East Asian Developmental Model

· Younghan Cho (Hankuk Univ. of Foreign Studies) et al., | The Yellow Pacific: Multiple Modernities and East Asia

· Seunglyong Kim (Dept. of Korean Literature in Classical Chinese, Pusan Nat’l Univ.) | Bejing Xunnan As a Humanity Creation-space and Qing dinasty’s Intellectuals

· Chaesung Chun (Dept. of Political Science and Int’l Relations, SNU)et al., | In Search of A Theory of East Asian Int’l Relations

· Hyugbaeg Im (Dept. of Political Science and Int’l Relations, Korea Univ.) | The Possibility of Peace in Korean Peninsula


Asia Research Translation Series

SNUAC sponsors the translation of distinguished history books written in Asia. This effort began in 2014, and five volumes of Asian history are scheduled to be translated in 2015. By translating history textbooks representative of each Asian country and important work that can contribute to regional research, SNUAC aims to promote deeper understanding of the Asian region.
· Philippe Langlet et Quach Thanh Tam(2001). Introduction à l’histoire contemporaine du Viet Nam de la réunification au néocommunisme(1975~2001). Paris: Les Indes savantes
Translation: Daeyeong Youn (Institute for East Asian Studies, Sogang Univ.)

· Taylor·Jean(2003). Indonesia: People and Histories. New Haven: Yale Univ.
Translation: Woonkyung Yeo (Dept. of Asian Languages and Civilizations, SNU)

· 黃宗智 著(2010). 中國的隱性農業革命. 法律出版社
Translation: Bumjin Koo (Dept. of Asian History, SNU)

· 曲曉范(2001). 近代東北城市的歷史變遷. 東北師範大學出版社
Translation: Piao You (Hansung Univ.)

· S.M. Dudaryonok·F.E. Azhimov(2013). History of Russian Far East. Vladivostok: Far Eastern Federal Univ.
Translation: Seungjo Nam (SNUAC)


List of SNUAC Research Grant for Asian Studies (2015)

2015 SNUAC Research Grant
• Eunmee Kim et al. (Dept. of Communication) | A Cultural History of Structural Changes in Chinese Cultural Industries.
• Chanwook Park (Dept. of Political Science and Int’l Relations) | Recent General Elections for the State Legislature and Prospects for Democracy: Results and Significance
of 2016 Korean National Assembly Election in Comparison with 2015 Turkish Elections
• Jungyul Sohn et al. (Dept. of Geography) | Asia viewed through Networks: From the Perspectives of Social Sciences
• Wookhee Shin et al. (Dept. of Political Science and Int’l Relations) | Global Cold War and East Asia
• Sangin Yoon et al. (Dept. of Asian Languages and Civilizations) | The Movement of Cultures across East Asia in the 1920s-1930s
• Keunsik Jung et al. (Dept. of Sociology) | 2016 SNUAC Translation Series on Mordern History of Asia
• Youngdal Cho (Dept. of Social Studies Education) | Reform in High Education under the Changing World of East Asia
• Kyungchul Jou et al. (Dept. of Western History) | The Colonial University and Derivative Appropriation of Orientalism: An Inquiry into Books of Western Orientalism
collected by the Keijo Imperial University Library
• Yeyong Choi (Institute of Health & Environment) | Dangerous Trade of Asbestos Industry in Asia
• Baegeui Hong (Dept. of Social Welfare) | Family in Asia– Has the revolution of Family in Asia begun?

2015 SNUAC Series in Asian Studies
• Jonghwan Ko (Division of Int’l and Area Studies, Pukyong Nat’l Univ.) | International Migration in East Asia and Its Economic Impact
• Junghee Park (Global China Institute, Kyungsung Univ.) | A Study on Aspect of the Reconstruction of Ancient city Cultural Identity in China: focused on cultural
texts and landscape
• Yeongseop Rhee (Graduate School of Int’l Studies) | East Asian Economic Integration and Inter-Korean Cooperation
• Jaemin Lee (School of Law) | A Surge of FTAs in East Asian Countries and Dispute Settlement Mechanism– Unique Characteristics, Inherent Limitations and Areas
of Improvement

2015 SNUAC Dissertation Writing Fellowship
• Sun Kim (Graduate School of Public Health) | Publicness in Pharmaceutical Production and Supply *
• Chong Min Kim (Graduate School of Int’l Studies) | A Study on the ROK-US Intellectual Property Rights Agreement (1986) *
• Seunghwan Yoo (Dept. of Korean Language and Literature) | Hwang Sok-Yong’s Literature and Modern East-Asian Narratives
• Seunghee Oh (Dept. of Political Science & Int’l Relations) | Struggle for Recognition in the Sino-Japanese Relations: Japan’s Foreign Policy toward China’s One
China Policy (1949-1972) *
* Degree Finished.

2015 Outstanding Dissertation Award
• Kyungtae Kim (PhD, Korea Univ./ The Academy of Korean Studies Jangseogak) | A study on Peace Negotiations during Imjin War