Director of SNUAC

Asia Research Flowing from Korean Studies-
Expanding the Flow through Collaboration and Exchange

Since 2009, SNUAC has been playing a leading role in promoting advancement in the study of Asia, while creating the Center’s own identity as a key forum for Asia research that transcends a simple “West / non-West” dichotomy. In doing so, we have been shaping a new framework of Asia research based on the expansion and layering of Asian Studies and Korean Studies.

SNUAC has been conducting various studies in the field of Asian Studies in collaboration with institutions at home and abroad. The Center’s regional and thematic research programs conduct research on numerous topics in Asia, such as the “Cooperation and Integration of Economic and Social Community in East Asia,” with a view to facilitating the expansion and layering of Asia research.

To make a qualitative leap in establishing foundational research on Asia, the Center intends to approach research projects from a longterm perspective and open up opportunities to researchers around the world. The Center will provide an open platform for research collaboration to expand its research network. It will pave the way for the strengthening of exchanges between researchers and cooperation between institutions. We are convinced that this new approach will become a stepping-stone for the reinforcement of a Korean context in Asia research.

SNUAC aims to strengthen cooperation with other Asian data archives in Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong through the Korean Social Science Data Archive (KOSSDA), which was incorporated into SNUAC in 2015. Such efforts will expand the datasets available for comparative research on Asia.

We will continue to put forth our utmost efforts to ensure that the past seven years have not passed in vain. We would like to ask you to join our efforts to become a global leader in Asia research. Thank you.


Kang Myung-koo
Director of SNUAC