SNUAC is trying to combine thematic research having strategic significance with regional studies on Asia. With the increasing demand for region specific data from the economy, society, and academia, SNUAC has initiated the Asia Basic Research Program, which promotes research on critical issues facing Korea and nurtures Asia specialists.

SNUAC Basic Research Program

The Asia Basic Research Program seeks to address the various issues and problems in Asia by integrating research conducted at both the regional and thematic levels. It aims to provide foundational research that responds to calls from domestic industry, the economic sector, and academia. As little attention is given to Asia at the regional level and because of the growing need for strategic research conducted on the thematic level, experts in each field need to be cultivated to diagnose the very problems that will determine how Asian societies develop.
The long-term vision of SNUAC is to be a hub of Asia-related research by promoting integration between regional and thematic research. Since 2013, SNUAC has provided funds for preliminary research on Asia, producing knowledge by developing regional and thematic research centers and building a database based on primary data categorized by region and country.

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