Indonesia Latest Update: Special Insight from MarkPlus, Inc.

일시: 2016년 11월 17일(목) 16:30 ~ 18:30
장소: 경영대 58동 1층 슈펙스홀
주최: 서울대 아시아연구소 동남아시아센터 - 경영대학 국제경영센터
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2016년 11월 17일


2016년 11월 17일


경영대 58동 1층 슈펙스홀   View map
공동기획 초청강연:서울대 아시아연구소 동남아시아센터-서울대 경영대학 국제경영센터

Indonesia Latest Update: Special Insight from MarkPlus, Inc.

Many international organizations have published reports and white-papers about Indonesia as a country who has a big potential in the future. Especially with many driving factors, such as stable political-legal situation, dynamic economic region, and rapid urbanisation in several areas. As a result, in the last few years Indonesian middle class is increasing significantly. No wonder this situation attract many foreign companies to expand its business to the country.
Although it’s quite attractive, unfortunately many businessmen don’t really understand about the character of Indonesia market and then not successfull in expanding the business. There are many misunderstanding about the character of Indonesia consumers who are really heterogeneous and dynamic. For example, there are many foreigners who consider Indonesia as Islamic country whereas the government officialy recognized 5 other religions. For another example, many foreigners don’t know a significant role of Indonesian Women. Based on survey by MarkPlus, we found out that 87.1% of Indonesian Women have role as “The CFO of the Family”
In this session, Hermawan Kartajaya – Founder & Chairman of MarkPlus, Inc. will share many other interesting insight of the latest update of Indonesia. Especially about the essential-fundamental-potential subscultures of Indonesia in the future. There are Moslem-Indonesia & Chinese-Indonesia as Essential Subscultures, Middle Class as Fundamental Subsculture, and Youth-Women-Netizen as Potential Subsculture.



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